"Affirming the precious value of life through loving awareness, kindness and compassion for all." 

ABI Motto


Supporting the School

ABI delivers motivational speakers, training, and resources to help eliminate bullying within the school.


Empowering the Student

ABI encourages and empowers students to make and promote positive life decisions.


Education & Training

Follow-up education and training is the key to preventing bullying.


Speakers Bureau


Our All-Star team of motivational speakers is committed to preventing Bullying Abuse. 

We take our convictions and turn them into action.

Education & Training


We offer many resources for you to use.

Program Funding


We partner with Schools and School Districts to financially support their Anti-Bullying Programs through local fundraising.

Help ABI stop bullying abuse!

Your donation will help ABI to change and empower lives at Schools and Communities near you. 

As a gift back to you for all $20 donations, receive an ABI SAVE AROUND Discount Book and National Savings Phone App used throughout the United States that will save you hundreds of $$$.

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